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About Ian Klein

I create innovative learning solutions and programs that change behavior, drive business results, and grow strong organizational cultures.

How? By partnering with stakeholders to understand their needs and very quickly getting to the root of the real issues – then by building plans that speak to those needs – and finally by developing and launching programs that are practical, engaging, and sustainable.

I understand the value of live face-to-face training, and I take full advantage of the many ways to scale learning using virtual and online delivery platforms.

I love all aspects of learning and development: everything from strategic planning, to project planning, to managing vendor relationships, and evaluating program success.


If you really want to see me light up, put me in front of a classroom.

There, you’ll see my subject matter expertise and my sense of humor work together to help ensure that every single attendee leaves with new knowledge and a sense of empowerment.

To learn more about what I do
and how we might work together,
please email me at:

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